Submit your tool(s)

The Inter-Community Toolbox is a great tool at your disposal to disseminate more widely the deliverables developed by the project communities and to promote their transfer to all Mediterranean territories.

However, certain conditions must be met in order to disseminate a tool via the Inter-Community Toolbox:
– This tool or deliverable has been developed in the framework of a project funded by the Interreg Med or Interreg Euro-Med programs
– This tool is finalized and usable or operational
– This tool aims to promote or facilitate the implementation of sustainable growth in the Mediterranean, and
– You have the approval of the Lead Partner to put this tool online.

Information needed

Before submitting your tool/deliverable online, please make sure that you have all the necessary information to fill in the requested sections:

  • Project name, related themes, project logo, year of creation
  • Type of end user(s)
  • Scale of implementation of the tool (local, national, regional, all levels)
  • Problem(s) solved and/or challenge(s) met by using this tool
  • Condition(s) of implementation in terms of technological infrastructure (e.g. computer, internet connection…), in terms of training or in terms of investments
  • How to use it (concept and recommended frequency of implementation)
  • Expected results (quantitative and/or qualitative) and transfer potential (e.g. robustness of the methodology, readiness level, required social acceptability, specific regulatory framework, specific training, financial resources, pre-requisites for successful transfer)
  • Illustration photo(s).

How to submit a tool?

Once you have collected all the information needed to describe the tool, log in by clicking on the link below to access the sections.

Once the form has been validated by the Lead Partner and the administrator of the inter-community toolbox, the tool will be integrated and put online.

If you do not have a login and password, please send a request via the contact form.